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  • Weekly General Rubbish Services Supported
    Much has been published and said by councillors and some vocal supporters in recent weeks about the council’s decision to support weekly general rubbish collection. The councillors that put up the motion to rescind the council’s decision to restore weekly general rubbish collection included many unsupported and blatantly incorrect statements in their motion, so the remaining councillors put together the below document to correct the facts. Please download the following document below, noting it was … Continue reading
  • Tony Briffa votes AGAINST further Rate Increases During Pandemic
    During the Council Meeting held on 20 April 2021 I formally voted against the proposed increase to residential rates, which is consistent with my voting against the rate increase last year. Given the hardship many residents, businesses and community groups are experiencing during the pandemic, I cannot in good conscience support a rate hike. I am firmly of the view now is the time we should be supporting families and individuals, not increasing rates, fees … Continue reading
  • Community Feedback Wanted – Council Waste Services
    The Hobsons Bay City Council is undertaking a review into the current waste services system, so as a local Councillor I’m keen to hear from residents about your experiences and perspective.  I’ve therefore put together an online survey and encourage as many residents as possible to complete it.  The link for the survey is: I would also appreciate if you can forward / share this link with other residents in Hobsons Bay and via … Continue reading
  • New Altona Pier Design Announced
    Our Pier is a much-love community asset and is owned and managed by Parks Victoria.  As part of their renewal program for piers, the Altona Pier is going to be replaced in the coming years.  Following community consultation in 2020, Parks Victoria have announced the new pier will be made of concrete (not like the existing wooden pier) and will have an angled end. The report from Parks Victoria describes the new Altona Pier as … Continue reading
  • Thank you for your overwhelming vote!!
    Thank you!!! I am very honoured and grateful to have been elected to represent and serve my community on the Hobsons Bay City Council for a 4th term. Thank you to the local community and especially my fellow residents of Altona, Altona Meadows, Altona North, Brooklyn and Seaholme for your amazing support. I was honestly humbled by the huge result and promise I will not let you down. I love our community. Thank you to … Continue reading
  • Tony Briffa Votes Against Council Rate Increase
    As an Independent Councillor focused on representing the community and supporting them during this very challenging pandemic, I am disappointed the 2020-21 council budget provides a rate increase that, while not applied immediately, will be applied at a later date. I support the Capital Works Program 2020-21, but cannot support the rate rise.  I do not support an apparent “rate freeze” in 2020 only to potentially hit residents, community groups and businesses with a double rate increase … Continue reading
  • Bruce Comben Reserve & Aquatic Centre – Lack of Community Consultation & Proper Process
    I support a new Aquatic Centre at Comben Reserve, but regret that it appears the council has not followed due process with this project and are trying to rush it through.  Despite my efforts the Council has also resolved to limit community consultation to 4 weeks during the stage 3 lockdowns and declared state emergency, rather than the 8 weeks I sought. At the Council Meeting on 9 July 2019, the council resolved to adopt … Continue reading
  • Council Rate Hike on Local Businesses Despite Pandemic
    Despite the financial difficulties many businesses are experiencing due to the pandemic, the Hobsons Bay City Council is determined to push ahead with its planned rate increase.  The proposed average rate increase across Hobsons Bay is 2%, but it is 3.89% for commercial properties (e.g. shops, cafes and other small businesses) and 8.78% for Industrial properties.  Rates for petrochemical properties is proposed to increase by 1.14%. Local shops, cafes and other small businesses and local … Continue reading
  • Council Meeting 14 April 2020 – Rubbish and Rates!
    I am unable to attend council meetings in person at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my personal health risks (for which I have provided a medical certificate to the council).  The current law in Victoria does not allow councillors to participate in formal council meetings online, so for openness, transparency and accountability, I am explaining my position on several of the council agenda items here.  This is also being sent to my … Continue reading
  • Injustice against Caster Samenya
    The decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport to discriminate against Caster Semenya by claiming it is necessary is extremely disappointing.  Caster Semenya is a strong, healthy, athletic, black woman.  She was born a girl, was raised a girl, is not taking any performance enhancements.  She is not a cheat. Ms Semenya is being discriminated against because she has naturally high testosterone levels.  Forcing her to undergo medical intervention to allow her to compete … Continue reading
  • International Women’s Day
    Happy International Women’s Day to all women; women of colour, lesbian women, intersex women, bisexual women, straight women, trans women, mothers, women that couldn’t have children for whatever reason, disabled women, indigenous women, women of all ages, and any other women. We have come a long way in recent years but there is so much yet to do. Today I think we should celebrate our accomplishments and diversity, while also reflecting on the huge work … Continue reading
  • Hobsons Bay in-home support services
    At the Hobsons Bay City Council Meeting scheduled for 7pm, Tuesday 19 February 2019, the council will consider an item closed to the public in relation to Community Care services in Hobsons Bay, and in particular, in-home support services.  I have received many calls and emails about this in recent weeks, so in the interests of openness and transparency I thought I would write about this on my website to clarify my position. The Local … Continue reading
  • Tony Briffa Article in Star Observer (24JAN19)
    The Star Observer published an article by Matthew Wade on 24 January 2019 based on an article Tony wrote which is published on the IHRA website.  The article is copied below complete with a link to the webpage. INTERSEX ADVOCATE TO BOYCOTT PRIDE MARCH IF ROYAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL IS INVOLVED “We should be able to be the people nature made us, and if our bodies are to be modified then we should be the ones … Continue reading
  • Royal Children’s Hospital Still Abusing Intersex Children
    Imagine being a proud member of the LGBTI community, and a survivor of childhood and adolescent conversion therapies, and seeing the organisation that abused you and tried to make you fit heteronormative stereotypes welcomed into the Melbourne Pride March. With no apology, and no evidence of change to their practices. This is what happened to me last year when I attended the Melbourne Pride March. Despite advising Midsumma Board last year of the offence taken … Continue reading
  • Tony Briffa writes chapter in LGBTI book
    Tony Briffa: “The Hippocratic Oath, Western Medicine, and the Children of Hermes and Aphrodite” Tony Briffa has written on being intersex and Maltese Australian in the book Living and Loving in Diversity: An anthology of Australian multicultural queer adventures (chief editor Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Wakefield Press). The book was launched at the 2018 Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council conference, “Living Loving Diversity”, and an edited extract has been published by Archer Magazine. “I am proud of my Maltese heritage; … Continue reading
  • This is the world’s first openly intersex person elected into public office
    This is the world’s first openly intersex person elected into public office Tony Briffa: Growing up, I was castrated and treated ‘like a freak’ By Tony Briffa and published in Gay Star News, 26 October 2017. Intersex people are very diverse. Like the rest of society, some of us are lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans. But most of us are straight. Most of us never experienced any gender confusion and are happy in the … Continue reading
  • Tony Briffa: My experience as the world’s first openly intersex Mayor
    My experience as the world’s first openly intersex Mayor When I was 30, I appeared on a national TV program in Austalia, 60 Minutes, outing myself as an intersex person. I never imagined what the years ahead of me had in store. There was one thing that became obvious fairly quickly though; once “out” I would never be able to go back “in”. The world now knew I was intersex, and that was a label … Continue reading
  • Save Altona’s Kindergartens!
    I support the retention and upgrade of the existing kindergartens in Altona and Seaholme.  They are wonderful kindergartens that serve our community well and are much loved by many of us.  Sadly, council has previously resolved to build an “Early Years Hub” in Altona and to make it viable they closed the Altona West Kindergarten last year (while I was not part of the council).  Now council officers have recommended that we close a further … Continue reading
  • Westgate Tunnel
    I support infrastructure including new roads, public transport (e.g. a new train station in Altona North), schools (a P-12 for Altona!), etc., and I really wanted to support the so-called Westgate Tunnel (formerly called the Western Distributor) but now that we know the real impacts of what is being proposed I have serious concerns about the project.  It is obvious the Westgate Tunnel (which is not an alternative to the Westgate Bridge) is designed to … Continue reading
  • Overdevelopment in Altona North
    At the council meeting on 14 February 2017 I voted against the significant overdevelopment of the former Dons site on Blackshaws Road, Altona North.  It is a large parcel of land, but 3000 dwellings consisting of multi-storey buildings as high as 6 storeys in an area with very little connectivity to public transport means its impact will be enormous on the local area, particularly on our traffic.  As a representative of the local community on … Continue reading

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