International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all women; women of colour, lesbian women, intersex women, bisexual women, straight women, trans women, mothers, women that couldn’t have children for whatever reason, disabled women, indigenous women, women of all ages, and any other women.

We have come a long way in recent years but there is so much yet to do. Today I think we should celebrate our accomplishments and diversity, while also reflecting on the huge work left to do around the world as well as within privileged countries like Australia. Education, access to healthcare and employment, protection from harm (especially abusive partners), security, recognition of rights as equals, rights to our own bodies and reproductive choices, being able to participate in sport and public life – these things are reasonable expectations for all women. 

Intersex women also have other special needs at times. It is too easy (and common) for intersex women to have their sex (and gender) challenged as soon as they disclose they have an intersex variation. It’s as if we are not real women and must therefore be male or something else. This thinking is wrong as adds to the shame and stigma many intersex women and girls experience. Many of us don’t disclose our intersex status because of this discrimination. I pay my respects to intersex women that have come out and work to raise awareness, and I support all intersex women.

Happy International Women’s Day!Intersex Strength


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