Works to improve Noordenne Ave/Millers Road Intersection

Millers Road INT

Noordenne Ave Intersection

Despite Millers Road being an arterial road and therefore the responsibility of the State Government, the council has allocated $30,000 to construct a splitter island in Noordenne Ave and a small island in the turn lane to slow vehicles doing a right turn into Noordenne Ave.  We also intend on creating a gap in the median to facilitate u-turns to the south away from the main part of the intersection because many u-turners did not give way to vehicles turning left out of Noordenne Ave.  These works are intended to increase the safety around the intersection and reduce hooning in the area.

The costs associated with these works are greater than expected because of the significant cost of traffic management during construction.

I understand there are some residents that would like VicRoads to provide traffic lights at this intersection.  At the council’s request, VicRoads investigated the need for a roundabout and/or traffic signals, but they deemed that there was no justification for either and have not ranked it as a “blackspot”.  The change to the speed limit on Millers Road (at council’s request) has further reduced the number of minor crashes at this intersection and therefore reduced the likelihood that this intersection will be identified as a traffic “blackspot”.

I am advised the traffic counts for a possible pedestrian crossing at this intersection have not been met (ie are too low) – so VicRoads will not fund this either.

As Millers Road is a state government responsibility, I encourage residents to contact the following Members of Parliament regarding this intersection:


Wade Noonan MLA
Member for Williamstown District (which includes Seaholme)
Address:  101 Douglas Parade, Williamstown  VIC  3016
Phone:  (03) 9399 9022
Fax:  (03) 9397 7227
Bernie Finn MLC
Member of Western Metropolitan Region
Address:  277 Hampshire Road, Sunshine 3020
Phone:  (03) 9312 1212
Fax:  (03) 9312 4598

Andrew Elsbury MLC
Member of Western Metropolitan Region
Address:  Shop 1, 662 Old Calder Highway, Keilor 3036
Phone:  (03) 9331 7644
Fax:  (03) 9331 7430
Hon Terry Mulder MP
Minister for Roads and Public Transport
Phone:  9095 4330