Overdevelopment in Altona North

At the council meeting on 14 February 2017 I voted against the significant overdevelopment of the former Dons site on Blackshaws Road, Altona North.  It is a large parcel of land, but 3000 dwellings consisting of multi-storey buildings as high as 6 storeys in an area with very little connectivity to public transport means its impact will be enormous on the local area, particularly on our traffic.  As a representative of the local community on the council, I could not in good faith support this development under these conditions.

There will be more community consultation about the development of the site in the coming months , so I will keep residents updated with opportunities to provide input.

For the record, all the other councillors except Michael Grech supported the motion which is why the vote was passed by the council.

The minutes of the Council meeting that passed this motion is available on the council website.

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Also refer to the article in the Star Weekly by Goya Dmytryshchak (21 February 2017).