New Footpaths in Altona Meadows

New Footpaths

New Footpaths in Altona Meadows

Cr John Hogg is on a roll!  On top of successfully working with traders to retain Aircraft Station, the works to improve the Laverton Shops and the redevelopment of the Laverton Hub, he’s now secured more funds to construct the following footpaths in Altona Meadows over the 2011/2012 financial year:

  • Jamison St South, Altona Meadows – Central to Cameron Ave
  • Newland St, Altona Meadows – Kiora to Linden Streets, & Linden to Merton Streets
  • Linden St, Altona Meadows – North to Railway Avenue & Central to North Avenue
  • Ascot St, Laverton – Full Length
  • Ailsa St, Laverton – Alma to Princes Fwy


The two reserves on the southern side of Central Avenue will also have footpaths constructed.

From the moment John Hogg was elected to the council he has lobbied for the council to construct footpaths on at least one side of each street in Altona Meadows, Laverton and Seabrook.  This year’s program will continue the work done last year in constructing new footpaths and is expected to continue for some years yet!