Mobil Complaints Data – Something’s amiss…

I’ve received a number of complaints about the Altona Mobil Refinery over the years including recent times, so it amazes me when Mobil publish figures like this claiming to only have received 8 complaints this year, and of which they claim 5 are unverified.

The likely reasons are:

1. Residents have stopped complaining – likely to be because their complaints don’t mount to anything.

2. Residents now lodge their complaints with the EPA, but Mobil don’t include that number in their statistics.

I encourage residents to contact both the EPA and Mobil when incidents occur or they smell odours from Mobil, are concerned about flaring, hear excessive noise from Mobil or are showered in mist driving under their overhead pipes on Kororoit Creek Road, etc.

The relevant telephone numbers are:

EPA Pollution Watchline – 9695 2777
Mobil – 1800 659 527

For more information about Mobil’s recent record of incidents, visit: ¬†