Community Information/Feedback Session – Fell Reserve, Seaholme

Fell Reserve

Fell Reserve, Seaholme

The council is genuinely interested in hearing from residents about the DRAFT Altona Sports Precinct Master Plan which includes Fell Reserve in Seaholme.  In response to the wishes of the community during the community consultation phase, the council has arranged a community information/feedback session at Fell Reserve for 10am, Saturday 13 August.

The community submission period has also been extended to 26 August.

I look forward to continued feedback about the draft masterplan, and to seeing residents at the community information/feedback session.  It’s important residents understand what is actually being considered so that they can provide accurate feedback.  Sadly, the residents that have arranged the petition and gone to the media about concerns about the draft plans have not bothered to contact me and are distributing less than accurate information.

I will not support the use of Fell Reserve if residents remain opposed to it after learning what it is being proposed.  If residents and the Noordenne Estate Action Group don’t consult with the soccer club during this time, I will have to weigh their submissions accordingly as they are not made from an informed position.  I want people to at least give others a fair go and hear what is being proposed.  We need to encourage kids to play sports and they need training grounds, just as other residents need parks.  If, after giving the club a fair hearing, the Noordenne Estate Action Group continues to oppose the use of Fell Reserve for junior soccer training, then I will oppose it.

Please understand we are genuinely seeking community feedback and the plans are still very much in draft.  For more information or to provide feedback, please contact the council’s recreation department at



Cr Tony Briffa JP