Central Ave/Point Cook Road, Altona Meadows off-ramps Work – VicRoads

Point Cook Road / Central Avenue, Altona Meadows
Intersection Works – Update

VicRoads started working on their upgrade of the Point Cook Road/Central Avenue offramp in Altona Meadows last week. The works are part of a $690,000 “upgrade”.

Advice from VicRoads is:

“The works are not intended to reduce the capacity through the roundabout but changes in alignment (deflection) are targeted at speed reduction through the intersection. The other major change is the left hand lane for south bound traffic over Freeway bridge will be forced to turn left and not allowed to go straight through the intersection as it currently can do. This will probably increase delays on that approach in afternoon peak, but will decrease delays for left turners on the Central Avenue approach, west approach, into Point Cook Road.

These works should improve the safety at the intersection for vehicles travelling through it.”

You would have expected a much better upgrade for so much money!!! ¬†We’re not getting traffic lights, and we still won’t have a safe pedestrian crossing across the intersection.

Gotta love VicRoads. The State Government should really do something about them.