Tony’s Election Policies

My policies are well known by people who have followed my work during my years on the council, and some are now articulated on the following page: 

The list of policies is by no means exhaustive, but gives an idea of who I am and what I stand for.


With the late Dick Murdoch at the naming of a reserve in his honour.


Tony in the Council Chamber before a council meeting


A sign at the council welcoming over 100 local students to my environmental education activities as part of my Mayoral Program



Supporting local clubs is vital – like the Altona Lions!



An image I took at the plant where all our recycling material is processed.  We still need to reduce waste.



I support local industry.  Here I am promoting Toyota during my term as Mayor.



A beautiful letter from a local primary school student.  I supported a music education program that provided musical instruments to students when I was Mayor.



Another letter from a grateful student.



At the Altona Beach Festival!


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