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Remuneration & Expenses

I have always lobbied for more openness, transparency and accountability from our elected representatives, so I am happy to openly disclose what I earn as a councillor, and what expenses are paid for me by the city. They are as follows:

Annual Allowance
I receive a total annual allowance of around $24,000 plus 9.5% for superannuation (before tax) for my role as a Councillor. This is the only payment I receive from the council, from which I then pay tax and pay for things such as this website, printing at home, legal and other professional independent advice, my home office, transport, etc.

Telephone & internet expenses - generally around $120 per month

Conferences, training and official visits - This varies depending on what conferences I attend etc. I expect the expenses will not exceed $4,000 in 2016/17.

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